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Flight of the fat girl
Modelo plus size aparece en la portada de una revista de fitness

Nadia Aboulhosn, en portada de revista fitness

¡Y no es la única!

17/03/2016 | Autor: @Revista20s
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Nadia Aboulhosn es una modelo y fashion influencer en Instagram, que además de ser guapísima, cuenta con miles de followers en sus redes sociales. Recientemente, nos alegramos al saber que esta curvy aparece en la portada de abril de la revista Women's Runnning.



Brb I'm crying ugly tears. I shot a few months ago with @womensrunningmagazine for their April 2016 issue that's out on stands now. I was in the airport last night flying from Florida back to LA and went in the store, saw it, and started crying. This elderly couple next to me was like...whats wrong? I'm like THIS IS MY FIRST MAGAZINE COVER AFTER WORKING NON STOP FOR 5 YEARS! I'm glad no one was around to see it Bc snot was every where, I was sweating. I know I joke a lot so let me be serious and say thank you to Women's Running Mag for choosing me. When I got the email I still didn't believe it was going to happen. I for sure thought last minute something was going to happen and I wouldn't be on the cover just solely off the fact that things have turned wrong for me so much of my life when I'm almost about to have something, I get disappointed or let down. I'm never satisfied and feel like I could always be doing more but seeing my cover made me calm down and enjoy this moment that's such a milestone for me and my career. Thank you especially to Jessica Sebor. You amaze me. It's so important to feel good about yourself. I'll be taking over @womensrunningmagazine's Instagram account tomorrow so be sure to follow and be sure to get the mag and read my story inside! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this, the entire team at Womens Running, also to my family and close circle who keep me aligned. Thank you to all of you because you contribute so much to my success. Wearing @adidasoriginals outfit in this shot with @nike roshe runs.

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Si bien no es la primera modelo plus size en la publicación, 'es todo un logro, pues (la revista) acostumbra hablar sobre corredoras y rutinas de ejercicio con cuerpos delgados como su máximo ideal de persona fit', comenta la modelo.

Sin embargo, Nadia dice que no se considera a sí misma como curvy, pues es 'simplemente una modelo'; no cree en los estereotipos ni clasificaciones de las mujeres según su cuerpo. 'En el mundo real hay una diversidad de cuerpos enorme que la publicidad y revistas se han empeñado en ignorar', afirma.


Ella es Candice Huffine, una curvy que te encantará


Aboulhosn originalmente había sido elegida para un especial sobre influenciadores de fitness y moda, pero su actitud y energía contagió a la revista.

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