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EXCLUSIVE | "Be confident, pay attention and work hard", Kim Kardashian key to success

Being a Kardashian is a full-time job, that's why the world's most famous clan leader knows how to combine beauty and success, and the best thing is that she shares her secrets with Veintitantos.

26/10/2017 | Autor: Víctor Salazar
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Being a Kardashian is a very big weight, because it is not only being in the eyes of the international press but in everyone's lips.

Kim Kardashian’s every step becomes news somewhere in the world, but, would it be funny enough, or is she paying a big price with it? Nevertheless, she knows how to get the most out of it, and that’s why she has become into one of the most powerful woman in the last years.


Because of the premiere of the tenth season of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians', we chatted exclusively with Kim, who told us how every woman can take advantage of the opportunities that comes in life.


After 10 years of KUWTK, what will be different in this year’s season from the others? 

Every season has its own mood and feel, and last season was really deep and dark, and this season everybody will ease up again.  It’s fun and you’ll see the new relationships, so it’s just a really fun, light season. 



How does it feel to be Kim Kardashian and to be the name on everyone’s lips, all over the world? 

I don’t know, it’s exciting!  I am loving life, I really can’t complain I’m just having fun with it. 


Being a worldwide female icon, what would you say to Mexican girls for them to be as self- confident as you are? 

I think that it is really important to be confident, and I think that I have been through a lot of things that would have probably knocked my confidence, but I was really lucky to have a really supportive husband that makes me feel really confident and has given me a lot of confidence. 

I think that is so important to find that happy place where you are able to be confident and be true to yourself, I think it’s important, and I feel blessed, that I am at that space in my life that I feel so confident about myself.



Beyond the stereotype, Kim is a woman with insecurities, like all, because being always exposed to the public eye, beauty is mandatory. 


From all your fashion styles which one do you regret the most? 

Which one?  There are so many that I regret from back in the day, mainly in 2007 when I would wear tight jeans, golden knee boots, Von Dutch hats I think it’s funny.  But…


What is your favorite body part? 

 I would say it’s my upper stomach area.  I love to wear crop tops. 


What is your secret to having such amazing hair? 

Now that I am blonde, I have to put in so many hair treatments.  It takes a lot to get it this blonde so it’s all about conditioning it – not washing it every day.  Really taking my time with it, to not over work it, or over heat it, and really put a lot of energy into my hair. 



What is a beauty treatment that didn’t work for you, and you will never do again?

Probably some lasers – I don’t know what they are called – and some lasers are okay but some don’t work!  Some do work, but I am a big believer in trying beauty treatments. 


Has there been a moment when you have looked at North and thought, “OMG she is going to be a fashion icon”

Every day, you should see what she puts on when she dresses herself.  She just loves fashion, she loves clothes, she loves to dress up! She just loves it.




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Kim Kardashian has more lessons to give us than you can imagine, because not only is she a 'scandalous' pretty face, she also took the opportunity to be 'the queen of the reality show' to become a successful woman.


You’re obviously on the Forbes list, what basic advice would you give to women wanting to start their own business? 

Just to really pay attention to all of the numbers and don’t ever let someone do something for you.  You have to start by doing it all yourself. 

Yeah, just really pay attention and work hard at it and don’t just give it up. 



What is the key for you to succeed in life? 

I just want to be a good person in life, I think in terms of business its surrounding yourself with a team of good people that are just as motivated as you are, and people that inspire you. 

I think that’s really important as well as to also inspire.


Do we have something to learn Kim Kardashian? Of course! Not only to keep your head high in the face of scandal as little as it seems, but also to take advantage of the opportunities that come to your life, make your name a brand and above all, leave a mark in a world where women succeed wherever they want.


It’s so Kardashian.

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